We have just raised the bar for Silver 3D printing at Shapeways with the introduction of Premium Silver.

Premium Silver is our 3D printed Sterling Silver taken to the next level with an incredibly smooth, glossy surface to give your designs a truly professional finish. We will be offering Premium Silver for a six week trial until Tuesday May the 14th, during which we will assess the pricing and design rules. If you love this new finish as much as we already do, we will keep it as a permanent material option on Shapeways.

3D Printed Premium Silver Detail

It is really important to note that we get this amazing finish on the Premium Silver with manual polishing that may result in very fine details being polished away.  If your design has sharp corners these will be polished to a smoother, rounder edge.  If your design has very fine engraving or embossing, these details may be polished out.  As we progress through the trial we will have a better idea exactly what level of detail will succeed and we will update the design rules and guidelines accordingly.

As with other precious metals, the polished surface of silver is soft, so scrapes and scratches are to be expected as a normal part of wear. To minimize damage and ensure your product lasts a lifetime, we recommend storing your jewelry or other Silver products in a soft cloth pouch and away from other products. Avoid exposing the product to household chemicals during cleaning as they can be damaging to the finish. Silver tarnishes with time, use a silver polishing kit to maintain a glossy surface.  


To cover the cost of the manual polishing required to achieve the Premium Silver finish we are launching the trial with a tiered pricing structure for both the handling fee and the material price per cm3.

Handling Fee Per Model:  $45 (up to 1.7 cm3), $78 (1.7 – 3.4 cm3),  Free (above 3.4 cm3)

Price Per cm3: $28 (up to 3.4 cm3),  $75 (above 3.4 cm3)

This means:

1.0 cm3 item will cost $73.00

1.7 cm3 item will cost $92.60

1.8 cm3 item will cost $128.40

3.4 cm3 item wil cost $173.20

3.5 cm3 item will cost $262.50 

We will look at this pricing structure during the period of the trial and may opt to change them based on the model types and feedback we receive. 

Design Rules

The design rules for Premium Sliver for the trial period are basically the same as our existing design rules though we recommend taking a close look at any fine details that may be removed during the finishing process.

The maximum size we can offer Premium Silver is 100 x 100 x 30 mm maximum bounding box 

The minimum size an object must be to be 3D printed in Premium Silver is 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 mm 

The minimum possible wall thickness is 0.8 mm but this thickness is not suitable for parts under stress like ring shafts or pendant loops which should be thicker to withstand stress. 

For more details visit the Premium Silver design rules.

Premium Silver detail Shapeways 3D Print

3D printed Premium Silver will be on offer for a six week trial until Tuesday May the 14th at which point we may make changes to the pricing and design rules or we may discontinue if there is not sufficient demand.  We are really excited about this new material option at Shapeways and think it will lift your 3D printed products to a whole new level.  

Let us know what you think!