NFC Technology Meets 3D Printing

3D printing + NFC tagging = a world of endless (and awesome) possibilities. 

NFC company Flomio provides a new service that embeds an NFC tag into a 3D printed model custom designed by you!

3D Printing Flomio NFC Tags

The process is simple. Send Flomio a .STL formatted file of your modeled object. Choose build size, NFC tag and plastic color (currently from white, green or blue). Then, if you approve of Flomio’s pricing, they’ll print out your model, tag it, test it and send it right back.

Their current pricing is $0.50 per cm3 with a $4 handling fee per item. Your chosen NFC tag and shipping prices are added on afterwards. The object build size must be larger than the NFC tag, with a maximum size of 15cm cubed. 

This service marks the beginning of a beautiful blending of “smart”
technology and 3D printing. You can create something that doubles as a
cute figurine and a portal into the world of AR gaming, automatic
payments, Android applications and the sort — what will you make?!

Check out the brief video below to see it in action!

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