3D Printed Sterling Silver Ancient Dragon Skull Pendant

Since we introduced Sterling Silver to our material catalog we have seen a lot of beautiful 3D printed jewelry in the Shapeways gallery making the most of the beautiful material.  Our Sterling Silver is first printed in wax then cast in silver using traditional techniques so in the end you have pure Sterling Silver in a standard or glossy finish. 

Check out this 3D Printed Sterling Silver which shows the beautiful, crisp details and shine of the glossy finish.  Sometimes with the standard finish you will still see build lines in the silver from the process of 3D printing the wax for the silver. With the glossy finish, we spend a little more time to buff these out but you may still sometimes see the build lines and unpolished areas in the hard to reach areas.  In some instances such as the Ancient Dragon Skull Pendant, this can help to add definition to the design.  

What do you think of the Silver finish?  Have you printed any of your designs in Sterling Silver at Shapeways yet?

3D Printed Silver Dragon Pendant

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  1. Chris J

    You guys have won me over, now if I can just come up with the cash!

  2. Glenn

    Oh, I have printed a LOT of items in silver… It’s my favourite material at Shapeways. Yes, it gets costly if you wish to re-sell but for someone to make a custom piece of jewellery for their own use it can’t be beat. One aspect that I do like is the fact that you are blending modern technology (3D printing the wax) and traditional artisan techniques (casting using wax mold).

    I’m still waiting for bronze…. 🙂

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