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Unique gifts for every cyclist in your life

We all know someone mad about bikes, ever eager to get out and ride even when its cold, wet or uphill. To help you celebrate their passion with them, here’s our spin on gifts for every type of bike snob, from the fixie fan to Fred.

For the single speed commuter, help them maintain the Zen with this multipurpose tool, good to fix just about every mechanical issue.

Speaking of tools, friends don’t let friends ride without proper gear… and then extra! One more tube can save a trip; this handy clip is great for long spring rides, or everyday commutes (just in case)!

CitiBiker’s know sharing is caring, but letting them keep both hands on the bars with this cup holder attachment is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Some say that life’s too short to ride boring bikes… which basically means it’s time to accessorize everyone’s best two-wheeled friend.

We all have that one friend with the dirty or forever rolled pant leg. Save them! TrouserClamp to the rescue.

And last but not least, we can accessorize our bikes, but let’s not forget ourselves! Show off the newest (3D printed interlocking metal!) bicycle brass pendant with moving wheels!

Whatever you gift your cyclist friend (or yourself!), remind them to ride safe, and stay rubber side down. Have more bike accessories you want or need? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll add it to our list that we can conveniently send to friends and family…


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