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Friday Finds: 2013 is the Year of the 3D Printed Snake

According to Chinese mythology, the legend of the Snake is not one steeped in honor. The story is told that the reason for the order of the 12 animals in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. In ancient times a race was held to cross a great river, and the order of the animals in the cycle was based upon their order in finishing the race. The snake compensated for not being the best swimmer by hitching a hidden ride on the horses hoof, and when the horse was just about to cross the finish line, jumping out, scaring the horse, and thus edging it out for sixth place. Because after all, who wants to be seventh?  

Despite the dubious sixth place honor, we will celebrate the year of the snake in the best way we know how, by 3D printing them. 

Snake Ring (various sizes) by MichaelMueller 

3d Printed snake on Shapeways

Carapace Ring by improbablecog

Snake Eating Tail Pendant by lensman

Gemini 8 by justinhowlett

From the team at Shapeways, we wish you all an auspicious year of the snake. 

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