Check out the 3D Printing at the Adelaide Mini Makerfaire

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The maker movement is heading south all the way to Adelaide, South Australia for the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire.

3D Printing Adelaide Maker Faire

The Adelaide Mini Maker Faire is to be held Saturday April the 6th, 2013 at the Adelaide College of Arts in Light Square right in the heart of one of Adelaide’s centres, close to the University of South Australia and the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT).  Adelaide also now has it’s own FabLab located at the Adelaide College of Arts also set up by ANAT so anyone can head in and use their equipment to make their ideas for real.

If any Shapeways users will be in Adelaide for the event please let me know, I would love to hear more and see images.

Shapeways will also be attending the Bay Area Maker Faire in May for those, less south…


  1. Glenn

    Can someone please invent a 3D Printed transporter? So that I can just step in it in Canada and step out in Australia (with all my organs intact!). Come on, am I really asking too much :)

    1. Duann

      Sure thing, We are about to launch this service early April.

    2. Glenn

      Excellent, Duann – but it’s not being done as a side-project of UPS is it? ;)

  2. Ben Dansie

    Thanks for the mention Duann. I’ll be there, so I’ll aim to take photos and report back. If I get too wrapped up in the day, I’m sure someone will take photos.

    Most of the day I’ll be part of a booth with others from Monkeystack – – helping to showcase a range of our collective interests. Software demonstrations of Blender and Zbrush, various 3d prints, some steampunk, some robots, maybe some augmented reality… that sort of thing. :)

    Looking forward to seeing what other makers bring along, should be a very entertaining day! On that note, the call for displays and presentations is still open:

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