Product of the Day: The Blazzler

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As exciting as it is to work in the future here at Shapeways, who doesn’t love reminiscing about the novelties of the past? Today, let’s forget about the world of iPods and remember stereos and compact disks.

Shapeways 3D printed stereo

Piece together your music collection with lorenzo_polo’s Blazzler. The 3D printed puzzle, shaped like a retro pocket stereo, perfectly blends the past with the future by providing an innovative holder for all those old CDs you still have lying around.
Shapeways 3D printed stereo
But don’t feel restricted – the puzzle can be used in a variety of different ways. Anyone down for a game of musical Jenga?

Check out this cute stop motion video to get a better idea of the creative possibilities.


  1. Daniel

    could you post the Link to the YouTube Video? Or name it’s title?

    Since I am surfing from a german IP address I can neither see it’s name nor watch the video :(

  2. Anonymous

    yup the video is blocked in germany, be cause of copiright issues with UMG. Mayby load up a version without music?

  3. Priya

    Hey guys – sorry to hear that the video isn’t working. The title is Blazzler and it’s posted by Lorenzo Polo. Hopefully it will come up when you search for it in YouTube. Let me know if not.

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