Bathsheba Grossman’s Geometric Art

Bathsheba Grossman is an artist who creates fascinating geometric shapes using 3D printing. She makes a living by selling them through her on-line shop. Making a living with a 3D printer. I like that!

Bathsheba writes:

“I use a lot of technology. 3D printing in metal is the main way that I work, and I also do a lot with subsurface laser damage in glass. This isn’t because I love gadgets; it’s much more trouble and expense to use new media instead of the more mature techniques that most sculptors enjoy. I do it because the shapes I have in mind aren’t moldable, and I want to make a lot of them. Those two constraints, taken together, turn out to be remarkably constraining: ordinary sculpture technology just does not do the job”

Indeed – her site is full of incredible designs and it even contains a number of freely downloadable models in STL and DXF.

The process doesn’t end at the 3D printer though – Bathsheba explains all the steps involved in this video podcast from Make Magazine.

A few weeks ago we had one of her models (‘Metatron’) printed on our Objet printer and the result was amazing. It’s quite hard to wrap your head around these designs – I’m not sure how you’d get these in a computer đŸ˜‰

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