Sneak Preview: Kimberly Ovitz with Shapeways collection

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We’re incredibly excited about Kimberly Ovitz’s first jewelry line- entirely created using 3D printing! Check out this sneak preview…    

These gorgeous pieces will be making their debut at Kim’s runway show during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 7th.

More to come!

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  1. csven

    What I find interesting – especially in light of the recent Wired article on low-cost injection molding – is that this design appears to me to be something that could, in fact, be injection molded; perhaps with gas assist.

    That leads me to wonder a) what 3D modeling tool she’s using, and b) what her level of expertise is with the tool. I look at this shape and can’t help be see this as something that could use some additional detailing… the kind of detailing that can’t be molded using traditional manufacturing methods.

    1. lee

      To use traditional methods would require ‘tooling up’ and a minimum run wouldn’t it? I guess the approach shown is ‘mass customisation’

    2. ernie

      maybe she didnt want more details 🙂 you can see from the many other creations on this website that there’s no problem to print more detailed shapes

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