The Wired 3D Print-Off

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We’re excited to announce Wired’s first 3D Print-off! The competition invites you to show off your 3D design skills by sending in original, 3D printable designs. Wired will then post the submissions on (how cool!?) and select the ten coolest to print through Shapeways!  

This is the perfect chance to showcase your designs with the world. Side note: you will still own all rights to your design after submission. What types of things can you submit? Wired is welcoming ANYTHING you want to make, as long as it is printable and original. iPhone cases, mobius (bacon) strips, action figures, geometric fractal sculptures..  go crazy!    

For more contest details, visit In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Get designing. 


  1. Chris Schmidt

    I can’t seem to submit my design. I’ve filled out all the required fields, but when I press submit, nothing happens. Is anyone else having this issue?

    1. Michael Mueller

      You are right, I got the same problem with Firefox and Internet Explorere (Windows 7). Try it with Google Chrome. At least there was a “submission accepted” message on the top of the site with this. ;)

    2. Mike Senese

      Chris, the submissions go through a quick approval process. We didn’t see your name in the list though, so try to resubmit and leave a comment on the design submission page if it appears to act up again.

      -Mike Senese, Wired

  2. Elisa

    Hi guys! The contest is currently open ended. Also, note that the entries get sent to Wired for approval before getting posted on the page, so that’s why you aren’t seeing them post immediately. :)

  3. Rojer

    My previous comment was, of course, moderated right out of the page. However, the “I told you so” still stands. Wired has not decided on a winner yet have they? They probably aren’t going to either. They seem to be good at creating contests and then never following through. Their comment area for this contest has been locked down for a couple of months now. So, Shapeways, dear Shapeways, who is the winner of the Wired Design 3D Print-off? The world may never know, huh?

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