Friday Finds: Little Friends Edition

One of the coolest things about 3D printing in full color sandstone is the ability to create colorful figurines, so for this edition of Friday Finds, here are some little friends I found on Shapeways…
Jep the classy hedgehog joined Lukaz and some of his friends outside a bar one evening, and he was so taken by the well mannered creature that he created a permanent reminder.
shapeways hedgehog jeb
Spike the dragon is a favorite childhood character of mine beautifully crafted by Brian Harris.
shapeways spike the dragon

From the same show, BitGem created My Itty Bitty Little Pony Girl Figurine to sit on his desk.

shapeways my little pony figurine

Inspired to have my own little friend, I played with our latest app Monster Me, a collaboration with the Creators Project that lets you turn your Facebook data into a unique creature. Look at these little guys! Have you made yours yet?
shapeways sticky monster labs creators project monsterme
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