3D Printed Memories of a Mountain

In my youth, when I was backpacking around the world I spent a few months in Seattle but I never got to see the peak of the Mt. Rainier until the day that I flew out of Tacoma airport, and there above the clouds was the peak of the mountain.  It is an image burnt into my memory, of a time in my life of freedom and wonder.

3D Printed Mountain on Shapeways

Of course as time passes, memory fades and one forgets or exaggerates the past, so it is always nice to have a little something to hold the memory fast in one’s mind.  A postcard may act as a trigger, but it is so one dimensional, and could never capture ‘that view’.  Now TinyMtn comes to the rescue with, tiny 3D printed mountains.  Now I can have Mt. Ranier 3D printed on my desktop, and when I want to reminisce, I can drop some dry ice in a glass of water for an impromptu cloud, pull out my iPhone with an Olloclip attachment and fly it around the mountain, peering into the screen just like I peered out of the window in awe of the mountain peak, so many years ago. Thank you TinyMtn…

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  1. Mark at TinyMtn

    This is totally what TinyMtn is about! There’s just something magical about a mountain. How can a mass of rock so large and impersonal do that? I don’t know, but it just does.

    (I find myself holding the Yosemite model up to my eye and remembering the first time I drove into the valley. It’s hard to drive when you’re in awe of such marvelous beauty.)

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