Turn Your Facebook Profile Into 3D Printed Art with The Creators Project & Shapeways

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You can now turn your Facebook social graph into a 3D printed sculpture thanks to three new apps curated by The Creators Project and produced by Hyperhyper that plug into the Shapeways API.

The project in collaboration with Softlab, Sosolimited and Sticky Monster Lab accesses your Facebook profile to create a visualization of your interaction with family and friends, your likes and sharing patterns, so you can see yourself as others might see you, abstracted though the lens of the three artists and their applications.

Project with @creators_project and @softlabnyc visualizing Facebook data launches today.

The Crystallized app by Softlab takes your social relationships and converts them into a tessellated geode type form with a crystaline internal structure. Each external point on the geode represents a friend with the distance from the center defined by the number of mutual friends while the internal structure is defined by the interaction between the two of you. So your ex-girlfriend may be represented by a giant spike on the outside with small crystals inside while your father may be a relatively flat area with big internal spikes. You can then 3D print out your geode to hold your social network in your hands.

Keep an eye out for the app we are launching tomorrow with Sticky Monster Lab and @creators_project

The Monster Me app by Sticky Monster Lab uses your birth date to determine the monster type, your geographic location to create the world it inhabits with your likes determining the architecture that surrounds it. Little gophers represent your number of friends, or lack thereof. You can then 3D print your super cute monster to take yourself out of the virtual world of social media and into the physical world, via Shapeways 3D printers.

3d printed horoscope

The Astroverb app by Sosolimited takes your status and analyses keywords within six personality dimensions then ranks your profile based on your interactions into a personalized zodiac sign. Think of it as Facebook meets astrologer made real with lasers. Nostradamus for 2013.

Working with The Creators Project and Hyperhyper to take Softlab, Sosolimited and Sticky Monster Lab’s aesthetic, extracting your data from the Facebook social graph and teasing out personalized sculptural pieces to be 3D printed via the Shapeways API is another way we are working to put 3D printed products into peoples hands. It’s collaborations like this that bring really talented people together to make it easy for anybody to access 3D printing, without the need to learn to 3d model. The Shapeways API makes it possible for developers to monetize their apps without relying on advertising revenue, incorporating e-commerce into their app or handling customer service. They develop the app, Shapeways will do the rest.

The Creators Project is a global celebration of art and technology. Founded by a revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression. Just like this…


  1. James D. Oss

    Suggestion: make 3D dildos of famous phalli.

  2. Chris J

    God, I love this stuff…. but when will you make it affordable?

    1. David c

      You should have tried to get some 3d printing done before Shapeways. Take their price and multiply x 6 to 10.
      Get a quote from a local rapid prototype shop and see.

      It is the coolest tech. So much potential.

    2. Chris J

      I’ve been trying to get affordable 3D prints for the last 10 years. Just because they cost more in the past does not mean they are affordable now.

      And actually there are less expensive, higher quality local and online rapid prototypers, they just don’t have this system that Shapeways has.

      My question still stands, though it will never be answered.

    3. Wolfram Schmied

      How about providing a couple of links substantiating your claim? I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in cheap 3D printshops.

  3. Luis

    I understand the need to promote all this, and especially getting it into the art community, but really: Is Shapeways focus detracting from the bulk of its usage base? I mean, stuff like ‘New Website Feature: Photo Comments’: Shouldn’t the time have been spent developing the designers/printers tools further?



    1. Duann

      Hey Luis.

      You raise a good point.

      Almost all of the development time on this project was undertaken by HyperHyper and The Creators Project along with the artists/designers. We used this project to tweak our API to make it more robust for these and other applications to make it easier for more people to access 3D printing, not just people with 3D CAD skills advanced enough to create 3D printable files.

      As far as the sharing of photos is concerned, this gives you as a shop owner a chance to get feedback from your customers and gives potential customers confidence that your design has been successfully 3D printed in a suitable material, with a satisfied customer who is willing to take the time to share the photo. This is a really valuable asset.

      These projects do not take time away from our developers who are constantly working on the back end tools to optimize printing, nor does it take time away from the team who are working on the designer interface.

      Please do let us know if there are any particular tools you as a designer would like on Shapeways? We really appreciate any feedback that can help us make it easier for you to 3D print your designs with Shapeways.

  4. Luis.

    As I stated, I do understand the needs for those projects, commercially and for marketing.
    What I don’t see is not necessarily the things to ‘make it easier for you to 3D print your designs’, rather what can be done once the design is ‘done’. I have already posted on this.



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