New Website Feature: Photo Comments

We have been working on an exciting new feature for adding photographs to your model comments. You’ll be able to share YOUR copy of a model that you ordered and show how you use it, how it looks in your home, how you painted it, even point out possible improvements and suggestions to the designer.

I talked to Brad Dickason, our VP of Product and the initiator of this new function. Brad says:

“There are tons of products that have been purchased on Shapeways and used in unique and innovative ways by our community. I’m ridiculously excited to see those photos start to show up so the designer can see how his/her products are being used and loved!”


You may notice these photo comments starting to appear today, as we’ve been busy testing them. But now it’s your turn!

To attach a photo to a comment, simply click the camera icon and follow the prompts to upload your photo. You can even do it easily from your mobile device. We know you have some cool 3D printed products on your desk, so snap a pic and show the designer their work in the wild!

Lastly, just a little bit of fine print:

As with our general policy on comments  and the forum, please use common sense when uploading photos, and keep them polite, relevant and constructive. We’re not uptight, but we do need to make sure people feel comfortable. If you’d feel weird about your boss looking over your shoulder at whatever photo you’re about to post, you probably shouldn’t post it. For argument’s sake, let’s assume you’ve got a cool boss. That said, if you see something that offends you, hit the flag button and tell us why it offends you.

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    Felicitaciones por la inteligencia y la decision que han tomado para crear SHAPEWAYS, la idea de la foto es perfecta asi el comprador puede ver bien el uso del objeto, para abrir mi negozio con ustedes osea la tienda online, puedo poner el precio que yo desee, por arriba del precio que me dan ustedes, pero quiero saber el transporte y las tasas de las aduanas, si la devo pagar yo de mis ganacias, seria interezarte saber la cantidad de personas que entran a ver el modelo para uno darse cuenta, si es un modelo que gusta a no, es una idea que les doy que cada vez que uno vea su modelo este la cantidad de personas que entraron para verlos. Gracias y les deseo que buena fortuna y QUE DIOS LOS BENDIGA A TODOS USTEDES.

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