3D Printed Wedding: Nuptials Reimagined through Custom Design, Judged by Kelly Phillips Badal of Country Living

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Plato once wrote, “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” Perhaps
had he known about 3D printing, he would have said, “With the touch of
love, everyone becomes a designer.”

3D Printed Heat Necklace

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is surely in the air. We’ve seen amazing works of art and design inspired by love, including a 3D printed wedding ring,
but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 3D printing is an incredible
technology for custom wedding designs, from cake toppers to custom table
settings to veils. 

We are running a contest to see what innovative new designs you can come up with for a 3D printed wedding!

We’re joined by guest judge Kelly Phillips Badal, senior
editor and the in-house crafter at Country Living magazine,
specializing in crafts, design, and entertaining. Her writing has also
appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Seventeen, and

Kelly Phillips Badal

Kelly and the Shapeways team will choose a winner based on the best designs in each category:

  1. Decor – centerpieces, name plates, cake toppers, ceremony décor, flower holders, etc. (use the tag decor)
  2. Party favors & gifts – candle holders, name cards, luggage tags, jewelry, frames etc. (use the tag gift)
  3. Bridal accessories - veils, shoe clips, clutches, belts, hairpieces, etc. (use the tag bridal accessory)

Those are just a few ideas, but the sky’s the limit.

Upload your wedding designs with the tag wedding (and the tag for the category) by Thursday February 28th for your chance to win $200 worth of Shapeways 3D Printing!

To enter the contest:

  1. Tag a new or existing design on Shapeways with the tag wedding and the category tag (decor, gift or bridal accessory) by 5pm EST Thursday February 28, 2013.
  2. Upload a description of your design specifying the use/context.
  3. Make it awesome, and beautiful.

Terms and Conditions:
Free prize draw, closing date: 5pm EST Thursday February 28, 2013 · Each winner will receive $200 worth of 3D Printing from Shapeways. · Each winner be notified in writing by March 8, 2013. · No purchase necessary. · Multiple entries allowed. · Entry must be on display to public to be eligible. · All IP for all entires remain property of the designer as per standard Shapeways terms and conditions. · All entries, images, renders and 3D prints may be used by Shapeways for promotional purposes.  · By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions. · No cash or other alternative prizes available. · The prize draw is not open to Shapeways employees or their families. · The promoters decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into. · Promoter: Shapeways LLC, 419 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016, USA


  1. Anonymous

    Can you clarify a bit on the tagging?
    Should we tag as “wedding gif” “wedding decor” “wedding bridal accesory”
    And there are already many models with the tag “wedding”, so perhaps the contest could use something more unique?

  2. Aviva

    so like, can I post my item in all categories if it fits or do I have to pick just one?

    1. Carine

      Sure! You can include multiple tags, but you can only win in one category. Good luck! ;)

    1. Wahtah

      I don’t think you did it right, I don’t see the tag “wedding”…

  3. Flora Treadway

    This is a great way to showcase talents from different places. We can surely expect great designs and talents from across the nation. So excited and looking forward to the event.

  4. Anonymous

    Still not clear on the tagging/category requirements!

  5. Natalia

    To clarify the tagging use BOTH these tags when entering the competition.
    So for a decor entry, use: “wedding” AND “decor”
    For a gift entry, use”wedding” AND “gift”
    And for an accessory entry, use”wedding” AND “bridal accessory”

    Hope that helps!

  6. sara jarmaine

    How do i enter the competition? Is there a link to the site?

    1. Marcus

      To enter, upload 3D model of your idea to Shapeways, using the “Create > New Product” button above.

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