3D Printing Meetup: Images to Objects in Seattle

Alan Hudson, Shapeways Director of 3D Tools, has been working on a
tool to make it easy to create 3D objects from 2D images. Think of it as the next generation of our 2D to 3D. We’ve gotten
the software far enough along that we’re ready to show off to a larger
. After your feedback we’ll fix it up and then release it as open
source software

If you’ve got an interest in 3D printing and can wrangle a 2D image
then we’ve got something for you to try!

On January 15th at 7pm at
Office Nomads
 in Seattle we’ll be letting you play with the software, have some
drinks and discuss 3D printing.

If you’d like to run the software during the session then please
bring a laptop and some image software. We’ve been working with
Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape and Gimp so far. The software takes in
JPEG or PNG images. A good resolution to use 300 DPI images.

RSVP via Meetup to enter the third dimension!

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  1. Delmont Gould

    Interested in what is involved in making printed 3d shapes from 2d, as in photos of the object in mind. Specifically, a few of us own cars in which the inside and outside pot metal door handles keep breaking. These handles are no longer available from the maker of the cars, Alfa Romeo. There would be a small market for some reproduced handles, in a printed substantial metal, for the ones we keep trying to repair.

    Any ideas?

    thank you,

    Del Gould
    Seattle, Wa 98198

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