3D printed figurine skeleton

3D printing holds almost endless possibility for 3D animators and this fall we teamed up with the 3D Modeling and Animation Group on Facebook and Mold3D to host a contest to invite animators to turn their characters into a desktop figurine that could be 3D printed by Shapeways.

Our judges, Edward Quintero and Rob Vignone of Mold3D; Justin Hanes, founder of the 3D Modeling and Animation Group; and Andrew Thomas, animator and Customer Service team member at Shapeways, had a great time looking through the entries and were inspired by the imagination and technical skill that each participant brought to the figurines they entered. It was a tough decision, but here were the judges top picks:

First prize: 3inch Mad Skeleton by MStyle183

3D printed figurine skeleton

The judges loved how this slightly evil looking little guy also seemed like a really fun toy.

Second Prize: The Gunfighter by Richard’s Maquettes

3D printed figurine Gunfighter plastic animation model

The judges thought the character design was impressive and this figurine highlighted the artistry this designer is capable of.

We had two third place winners:

Third Prize: Bones V2 by Mattbag

3D printed plastic skeleton plastic

The judges felt that the functionality of this model was really cool, had great craftsmanship and it’s the way it can be posed could be really helpful for other animators.

Third Prize:  Bull Moose by Ponson

3D printed figurine moose character animation

The judges loved Ponson’s unique style and highly original characters.

Are you an animator who is curious to try 3D printing? Check out our tutorials to help you get started, including tips and tricks for character models, and how to prepare your render for 3D printing!