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Copyright 101: What do you want to know?

As the field of 3D printing grows, we’re starting to see more and more cases of copyright infringement, creative sharing, collaboration, and general discussion happening around what is “allowed”, what is possible, and what is protected.

To address this, we want to put together a 3D Printing Copyrights 101 guide in the next few weeks, with the help of Public Knowledge’s Michael Weinberg who wrote the awesome whitepaper “It will be awesome if they don’t screw it up”.

3D Printing and copyright

We’ve done a few blog posts covering the debate over the last two years, and now we want to consolidate new information and answer your questions.

The list so far includes: 

  • 101 to copyrights law: the difference between copyright, patents, trademarks and creative commons
  • What’s the DMCA? 
  • Common cases in 3D printing
  • Creative innovation

What else do you want to know?

List your questions here and we’ll incorporate them into the guide!

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