Feature Your Favorites on Shapeways

If you are like me, with impeccable (cough) taste and want to share your refined aesthetic and eye for the coolest designs, be sure to add them to your favorites.  We will start using your favorites to curate the homepage on Shapeways and we will also feature your selection on the Shapeways blog.  You can include your own designs in your favorites but if yours are chosen, we will only feature one of your items along side other designs that you love.

To add an item to your favorites is easy, simply hit the heart to the side of an item on it’s product page. 

If you think you have an awesome selection already in your favorites, comment on the blog with you Shapeways user name.  If you do not have any favorites yet, why not browse through the Shapeways site, favorite a few that you like and enter your user name here too.  We could be featuring your favorites next… 

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