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From Your Child’s Drawing to 3D Print with Crayon Creatures

Shapeways community member and design for 3D printing specialist Cunicode has just launched Crayon Creatures, a simple way to take your child’s drawing to 3D print thanks to Shapeways 3D printing, because sticking your child’s drawing to the fridge is so 2011.3D Print my Child's Drawing with Shapeways

With Crayon Creatures all you need to do is scan or photograph your child’s drawing and upload it to be converted into a 3D form, 3D printed and sent to your door.  Each drawing is 3d modeled based exactly on the drawing, not wrapped around a default form so every 3D printed figure is as unique as your child’s drawing. 

You can see a few of the Crayon Creatures already created in Cunicode’s Shapeways shop.

Shapeways 3D Print your child's drawing

We are seeing more and more applications on Shapeways that make it easy to 3D print without learning how to 3D model. At the same time as we see complex 3D modeling and scanning tools become cheaper and easier to use, we are also seeing these applications and services that allow anyone can make what they want with 3D printing, lowering the barrier to entry.  

If there was a perfect tool to make 3D printing easier, what do you think it should be?

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