3D Modelers Needed to Help Others to 3D Print Their Ideas

We are seeing more and more requests in the Shapeways forums joining the rising number of requests we receive at Shapeways HQ from people looking for 3D modelers to help them 3D print their ideas.  Sometimes they have an idea, sometimes they have a napkin sketch, sometimes they have a SketchUp model in the wrong scale that needs a lot of love, sometime they just need advice.

3D Modeler needed to design for 3D printing on Shapeways

If you have 3D modeling skills and you would like to help others realize their ideas with 3D printing, take a look at the 3D modeler needed forum and maybe you can work out a deal that benefits you both. You can also showcase your skills in the 3D modeler for hire section of the Shapeways forums, being sure to include links to your Shapeways products and any other portfolio you may have on sites like Coroflot or Behance Network.

We are also getting more and more requests from fashion designers, artists, advertising agencies, animators, prop makers, jewelers and regular human beings that need to find someone to help them 3D model their concepts ready for 3D printing.

If you are interested in us passing on your details, please post your username and a link to your Shapeways shop in the comments of this blog post

We will keep an eye on the post and keep you in mind when the next request comes in. 


  1. Kin Lane

    Sounds like its time for a more formal designer matching service. Where people can publish ideas and designers can have profiles and submit proposals.

    Kind of eLance or oDesk for 3D Printing.

    At some point it can be part of the overal supply, demand chain process.

  2. Dolf Veenvliet

    I am always up for interesting work! Especially the more experimental jobs.

    That said… I am not interested in bidding on jobs someone posts on-line. Inevitably there is someone else who can make an offer for much less than I charge. For people looking to hire a professional with my experience though.. I’m always willing to listen to what they need, and either make an offer or put them in touch with someone who can.

    And yes, perhaps it is time for a solution other than a section on a forum.

    1. Duann

      Interestingly, people sometimes go for the more expensive designers because they understand that a 3D modeler with experience is often much quicker to get the design they are looking for.

    2. Alfplata

      This is also very appropriate.
      I personally had a bad experience with a modeler that is offered for free (aiming to future sales of my project, which I had to promise the proceeds. I never got the executive files)
      After it had spent about 400 euro, where surely he has gained, (otherwise you do not understand why he did send to whether the model, and then send it back to me for a fee) to a bad design of a component, I can not use what printed. Reacts to the modeler not to my emails to try and modify the design, result: time, trust, opportunities and lost 400 euro.
      Thou thyself also you were interested In project and I told you that it was the latest changes. It is stopped by the lack of seriousness of the modeler.
      Sorry for my English. Best Regards

  3. Steve

    … extensive mechanical design background

  4. Rob Parthoens

    I am professional 3d-artist that has already 5 years of experience modeling for 3d-printing.
    My rates are reasonable and my results are always good.


    Rob Aka BAROBA

  5. LightbringerDesigns

    I’m a mechanical engineer with product design experience and SolidWorks modeler for over 10 years. In addition to prototype work, I have a line of over 30 wax seals and signet rings made by Shapeways, including many custom creations through my Co-Creator template and private commissions. I once made my own shaving stand here because I couldn’t find one I liked for less than $100. Now it’s for sale in my shop.

  6. Glenn

    I’ve been here on Shapeways since 2009 and now have my own jewellery website where I specialise in custom-made items (see link in Homepage below). I have a background in photography and art, and fell into 3D modeling many years ago…. with Shapeways allowing me to realise physical models from my digital art.

    I’m always open to discussing virtually any project…. and talking is free!

    My Shapeways shop: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/slinger?sort=popularity

    1. Duann

      Hey Glenn,

      The comment was deleted, we are tweaking the spam filter, as the Shapeways blog gets more popular and more traffic.

      We are seeing a few more spam posts slip through the filter.

  7. Jeffrie Jaramiel

    I’ve been using Archicad for four years.
    I’m currently working in a Architectural Firm.

    I can give you the ff: as per extraction from Archicad:
    - 2D Documentation
    - Quantity
    - Structural 3D Model
    - Architectural 3D Model
    - Renderings
    - Animation

    Also accepting as-built plans.
    Feel free to contact me. kokopoy11@gmail.com

  8. John

    Hello Everyone. I am sure we are all happy with the work Shapeways has done to help our cause. I have had amazing success with Shapeways clients and have brought the business of over 40+ clients to Shapeways in the past 6 months. I would love to connect with Shapeways in this effort. I can supply more printing business and SHapeways can supply more interested parties! Such a great platform. Hope to hear from you.

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