Friday Finds: The 3D Printed Stainless Steel Edition

To celebrate the last Friday Finds of 2012 and our latest End of Year Steel! Get 20% Off 3D Printed Stainless Steels through Dec 30th this week we are featuring 3D printed products from the Shapeways gallery in Stainless Steel finishes.

3D Printed Steel Pendant Shapeways

FabGeo Pendant No1

Design by GAD


3D Printed Pendant Shapeways

Bio Pendant

Design by

3D Print Me Gusta Shapeways

Me Gusta Coin

Design by chosetec


3D Printed Ring on Shapeways

500W SubWoofer Ring

Design by GAD


3D Printed gold plated steel shapeways


Design by Allochtoon

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  1. Peter Siddle

    wow superb and stunning collection. I like your blog post.

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