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10 Most Viewed 3D Printed Products of 2012 on Shapeways

Following on from the previous post where we looked at The 10 Most Favorited 3D Printed Products of 2012 on Shapeways which reflects the love given to products from within the Shapeways community, this time we are going to look at the 10 Most Viewed 3D Printed Products of 2012 on Shapeways.  This one was a VERY close race and you will see some products that you have already seen in the previous list of the 10 most favorited 3D printed products.

Again, starting at number 10 and working our way down the 3D printed products with the most views according to Google Analytics

3D Printed Mario Mobius on Shapeways

Super Mario Mobius Strip Design by joabaldwin

3D Printing glados ring shapeways

GLaDOS ring Design by QUATRO

Sad Keanu is HOT from the Shapeways 3D Printer

A Little Sad Keanu Reeves Design by neuralfirings

Rocket Espresso cup from Shapeways 3D Printer

Rocket Espresso Cup Design by isohedral

Math from the Shapeways 3D Printer

Gyroid Design by Bathsheba 

Steampunk dice HOT from the Shapeways 3D Printer

Thorn Dice Set with Decader Design by ceramicwombat 

spinning 3D printed awesome

Gyro the Cube Design by virtox

Klein Bottle Opener HOT from Shapeways 3D Printer in Metal

Klein Bottle Opener Design by Bathsheba

Joshu Harker Skull hot from Shapeways 3D Printer

Crania Anatomica Filigre (small) Design by JoshuaHarker

And finally the most viewed 3D printed product on Shapeways in 2012…. 

Nuke Lamp explodes from the Shapeways 3D printer

Nuke Lamp Design by VENERIDESIGN

Again, we see some of the same items in The 10 Most Favorited 3D Printed Products of 2012 on Shapeways but all of these items have fantastic images that communicates the design perfectly.  Take bright, well lit photographs of your designs with detailed descriptions and your product may make the top 10 in 2013.  Congratulations to all who made it into the list and good luck for next year.  Things are really heating up in the world of democratized design and 3D printing.

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