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Shop Owner Bootcamp: Make Each Social Media Platform Work For You

Hello Shapeways designers and shop owners! My name is Eric Ho and I am the Social Media Specialist here at Shapeways and in this blog post I’ll be teaching you how to promote your business on social media and how to make each social media platform work for you. The four big social media platforms we will be focusing on will be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In the world of social media there is no one social strategy fits all, there is only one social media strategy tailored to you. The better you understand the tools, function, and advantages of each social platform the better you will be able to develop a social media presence catered to your business. One rule that everyone should follow on social media is that content is King and distribution is Queen. Tailoring your messaging to your audience with eye catching visuals and thought provoking text will increase the likelihood of people sharing and engaging with the content you’re sharing on social media. Mastering how to tell stories and tailoring your messaging specifically for each of these four major social media platforms will allow you get attention and increase your chances of you acquiring new audiences.


The largest social media platform on the internet means there is the most demand for attention to be sought after on ones newsfeed. Make sure you have a business fan page on Facebook and most of your posts should include a highly engaging image. especially a high quality image that visually showcases the product. Keep the text short, straightforward, and include the information readers care about. Don’t be afraid to include a call to action which can include “learn more, shop now, get started”. Facebook posts with photos included get at least 2X more engagement (likes, shares, comments) than text posts alone, and including a video in your post can lead to 4X more engagement. For more information on managing your Shapeways Shop Facebook fan page go here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.41.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.50.54 PM

(embedding a video to the Facebook post instead of linking to a YouTube video increase views of that Facebook post by 3X, Learn how to upload a video to Facebook here.)


Twitter is like one giant cocktail party and anyone is invited. If you are going to use Twitter for one purpose I recommend you take advantage of Twitter search, whether that’s searching a keyword or a specific hashtag. For example if you’re a jewelry designer and want to jump into a conversation about Jewelry, just search #Jewelry on Twitter and you can begin tweeting at people talking about Jewelry, following those people, or you can tweet about #Jewelry to anyone else looking to join in on the conversation about Jewelry.  Learn more about how to how to best compose tweets here.

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People come to Pinterest for visual discovery, creative inspiration, and sharing and collecting those discoveries and inspirations. The Pinterest platform is made up of 80% females, It is no coincidence that many businesses are using this platform to attract shoppers. Just like with Facebook, keep the text short and post  visually attractive images of your products. Make sure to Pin to various categories which your designs may overlap. Also similar to Twitter, you can search various categories and comment on other people’s pins to increase the chance of pinners discovering you. Interested in having your own Pinterest board on the Shapeways Pinterest page? Learn how you can have your own Pinterest board on the Shapeways Pinterest page here.


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Think of a photo snapped from your phone straight to Instagram. Instagram is one of the most personal and human ways you can engage with your customers on social media. Often times photos on Facebook and Pinterest are touched up to look pretty but with Instagram you have the option to make photos and video up close and personal, whether that’s with products or behind the scenes of your business. When it comes to sharing products I find that utilizing videos and photos that show the products out in the open and in the wild are very effective. Share photos of people engaging with your products and ask yourself what does my customer look like? And what use case scenario can can they use my product in? If you’re making sculptures, share photos of your your sculptures on someone’s bookshelf. If you’re making jewelry share a photo of someone wearing your jewelry trailered to a specific occasion or outfit. Get creative with Instagram and you’ll make it work.

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The best way to find success on social media is to jump right in it, experiment, learn, and get better based on results you are looking for whether that’s growing your followers, increasing engagement, driving sales, or driving traffic. There is no one method fits all when it comes to creating a social media plan for your business but if you’re looking to get more active on any of these four major social media platforms, the information above is a good starting point.

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