Happy Birthday Shapeways: 25% discount present for you

On the 1st of March we will be one year old!! That was when our
first model
was uploaded, ordered and delivered. That was when Shapeways went from being an idea, a stack of business plans, to becoming real. To celebrate this with you we will offer you all a 25% discount on White, Strong & Flexible orders until the end of this month. For the next few days White, Strong & Flexible costs $1.40 including shipping.

Because things are about to get crazy over here: this offer is limited to one order per person and on orders up and until $300 in total. Even if you have a 3D printer at home this discount will probably make it cheaper to order via Shapeways! Check out the prices of all the things in our Shops and don’t forget to wish us a happy Birthday on the 1st of March! 

Photo credit: Daguella manera, Creative Commons, Attribution. The use of the photograph is an attempt at humor: clearance means sale or vertical space or permission to go ahead depending on the situation and country.


  1. chris bense

    That’s awesome!

    So, is it per order, or per model? So i can order 5 models adding up to 300$ with the discount on the entire order?

    1. joris


      You can add as many models as you would like as long as the total order is $300 or less.

      Anticipating another question: the discount is on the material price so if you have a Shapeways Shop your margin/mark up will not be affected.

    2. chris bense

      Wow fast reply.

      That sounds great, cheers for the great deal on this.



  2. emansipater

    Hi Joris,

    If we order a model which costs more than $300 is this okay, as long as we realise we will only receive the 25% discount off the first $300 (i.e. $75 off the total no matter how large it gets above $300)?


    1. joris


      we didn’t really anticipate that I’m afraid.

      We have two material choices for the duration of the discount:
      on orders less than $300 in total with discount
      and on orders more than $300 without

      and everyone can use the discount material choice for up to $300 in one order.

  3. Rob Mack

    Rob looks over at his printing fund jar and smiles with anticipation

    Thanks guys this is a great offer. I’m building a pile now.

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