Replacing Collectible Transformer Toy Parts with 3D Printing

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We have seen a lot of 3D printed Transfomer accessories and even whole pieces in the Shapeways gallery but every now and then we see small replacement parts being 3D printed.  

3D Printed Replacement Parts Transformer

On Shawn and Graham’s Macross World site there is a discussion in the forums about replacing parts for the YF-19 using Shapeways 3D printing.  One of the members, VF5SS on Macross World and Shapeways has modeled a replacement part for a particular section of the YF-19 that was prone to failure.  He uploaded a video to YouTube and has made the 3D printed part available in his Shapeways shop so others can repair their’s with the same solution.

What other 3D printed replacement parts will we start to see emerging in the Shapeways gallery, especially for collectible items where replacement parts are no longer available and in the past collectors had to cannibalize other broken units to get the part they are looking for.  The problem here is that there is often a faulty component such as the case with the YF-19 that always fails in the same location making it sometimes impossible to find a replacement part.  3D printing to the rescue…

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  1. Steven Jarris

    I have been observing the different print shops because I am wanting to print all my pictures and letters from when I was in Mexico for two years. In Toronto, they have some good offers, but I am still undecided.

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