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An Interview with Joshua Harker on Shapeways 3D Printing, Kickstarter and the 3rd Industrial Revolution

Joshua Harker on the 3rd Industrial Revolution

We were happy to have Joshua Harker visit us at the Shapeways HQ in New York City to finally meet after 3D printing SO MANY of his skulls.  We took the opportunity to record our part of our conversation about how he used Shapeways 3d printing and Kickstarter to take his career into a new direction, how on demand 3D printing makes it possible for artists and designers to realize their ideas, and how platforms like Shapeways and Kickstarter make it possible to reach a massive audience with no financial investment or risk.  In short, 3D printing and the 3rd industrial revolution as celebrated by his latest Kickstarter project, Anatomica di Revolutis.

The full interview runs for around 15 minutes and covers much of Joshua’s amazing success over the past 12 months, check it out.

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