Public beta of BonZai 3D “sketch-oriented” modeler released

The makers of form.Z have just released a first public beta of their upcoming new “sketch-oriented” modeler, BonZai 3D.

BonZai 3D is a brand new Mac and Windows application based on the same code base as form.Z. It is 100% percent file compatible in both directions with form.Z. It features real-time Boolean operations, NURBS and what the company calls “Smart 3D” drawing. It also will have extensive file interoperability (over 30 export/import formats).

Some features:

  • Fluid, powerful and smart interface
  • All classic modeling tools
  • Push/Pull tool for easy shape making/sculpting
  • Realtime Booleans
  • Dynamic graphic editing
  • Smart 3D drawing
  • Advanced OpenGL rendering with shadows, transparencies and textures
  • Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility
  • 30+ import/export formats
  • Embedded video tutorials (streaming)
  • Embedded 56 page PDF manual
  • Support for 3D Warehouse

I played with it only for a short while, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to create complex shapes and upload them to Shapeways. Pricing hasn’t been published yet, but there’s mention on the forums of a price point around $500.

You need to register before you can download the 141MB OSX version or the 76MB Windows version; the video tutorials are streamed on demand. After registration you’ll also get access to the beta forum.

If you’d like more background info, I can recommend this interview with Chris Yessios, creator of form.Z.

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