2012 has been remarkable year here at Shapeways. Our
community grew dramatically, hundreds of thousands of
your designs emerged from 3D Printers, and the world has
officially woken up to the possibilities of 3D Printing — not as a
SciFi dream but as an accessible tool to make ideas real.

most excitingly, we’re starting to see a world in which you can get
exactly what you want, and not have to settle for what is available.

Your innovation and creativity inspires us on a daily basis, empowering us to go from one rickety shelf to a fully operational factory in Long Island City in a matter of months, joining our ever expanding facility in Eindhoven. As we make major investments in localizing production, our team continues to grow on both continents in order to make the impossible a reality.

So thank you all for inspiring us, and without further ado, here’s a snapshot of the 2012 in numbers:

Shapeways Year in Numbers 2012

The numbers:

3D Prints

    • Well over 1,000,000 3D printed products to date
    • Over 10,000 uploads per week

Shapeways Shops

  • 8000+ Shapeways Shops, who earned $500,000 in income for 2012
  • Shop owners earned almost 6 times normal daily sales on Black Friday alone!

Our Community

  • 230,000+ Community Members in over 130 countries

People, places and things

  • 2 Factories of the Future with 3D Printers capable of each creating up to 1,000 unique products daily
  • On our way to 100% local production, with nearly 90% of products sold in the USA made in the USA
  • 30+ material options
  • 70+ employees

And now the fun part. What do you think 2013 will bring?