Sealing Shapeways 3D Prints with Super Glue and Acetone (VIDEO)

Take a look at this really interesting video of an experiment to seal Shapeways 3D printed Nylon with super glue and acetone.

Shapeways community member and Twisty Puzzles Forum member Brandon Enright has shared a really interesting video on YouTube of his experiment to seal a Shapeways Nylon (WSF) 3D print with a mixture of Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) diluted with Acetone.
His experiments show that the mixture quickly penetrates and seals the surface of the nylon giving a glossy texture that is considerably more resistant to getting dirty when tested with tiny particles of copper powder.  When compared to unfinished nylon parts there was a massive difference.
This is a well documented experiment that is showing some very promising results and we are really looking forward to seeing more results.  We also know that people are using floor polish to get a similar effect but you may need to be careful the formulation you use does not yellow over time.

What post processing experiments have you tried on your Shapeways 3D prints?  We would love to see more videos of your results.

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