Shapeways at the 3DEA Pop Up Shop on Mashable (VIDEO)

Mashable recently paid a visit to the 3DEA 3D Printing Pop Up Shop at the Eventi Hotel in New York City to take a look at some of the 3D printed products on display along with the 3D scanning booth being run by ShapeShot.  The video below includes an interview with Shapeways CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen who discusses the power of people getting to feel 3D printed products in their hands to understand the material qualities of 3D printed products.
Along with the 3D scanning booth and Shapeways printed products there is an army of desktop 3D printers running day and night printing out everything from bracelets and cups to doodles from a simple iPad app.  If you are in NYC pay a visit to the store on the corner of 6th Ave and 29th Street as there is lots of fun for everyone.

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