Thank You for Helping Shapeways Grow

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Thank You for Sharing Your Creativity

Over the past year we have seen more people start 3D printing with Shapeways then ever before. We are excited to announce we now have well over 200,000 Shapeways community members, over 70,000 followers on Tumblr, just over 10,000 followers on twitter and more than 8,000 Shapeways shop owners filling the Shapeways galleries with thousands of 3d printed products every day.
The more people that become aware of Shapeways and 3D printing in general the easier it is to promote the amazing things the Shapeways community are making and the less time we need to explain how 3D printing works (even though we love doing that too).

We want to send out a massive THANK YOU to all of you who have made Shapeways the amazing place that it is, your endless creativity inspires the entire team to work hard day and night to get your 3D prints to you as quickly as possible, with the highest quality and lowest price.

Please do continue to share your designs with us in the Shapeways forums, post them on social media and be sure to tag with ‘Shapeways’ so we can find them and promote them too.  We love to see your designs out in the wild of the internets.

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  1. Ray knee

    Thank you for giving us the tools to push our visions into our demention!

  2. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Great to see Shapeway’s continued success.

    I hope you guys do another statistics roundup after 2012 comes to a close (like the ‘A Portal into the Future: 2011 in Review, and What’s to Come’ article)
    Seeing the 2011 one at the end of last year was the final kick I needed to get into 3D printing more seriously, wanted to be a part of those numbers!

    1. Duann

      Hey Alex,

      We may have some details to share to recap the past year :)


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