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The Shapeways Community Journal

A great community deserves a great journal. While we already share a lot of designs on this blog, they are only the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on inside the community. As of now, we’ll be sharing the inside scoop of the Shapeways community in our new Community Journal.
Animatronic Bird
Jonny from InnerbreedFX is working on an incredible animatronic owl. It is intended for raptor research –  replacing a live ‘lure’ animal to help capture other birds. While Jonny admits that there’s still a lot of work to be done it’s already an amazing project.

Paris Meetup was AWESOME

Shapeways went to Minecon 2012 in Paris! Michon and Bart were lucky enough to host a meetup on Friday the 23rd of November in a typical French cafe. The evening was amazing, intimate and animated. I’d say the Parisian Shapeways members found each other. You’ll find more pictures on our Meetup page.

A BIG thanks to community members Edouard Gautier, Wong Hua and Jean-Philippe Goussot for helping us pick a good place for the meetup!!
Do you want to host a meetup in your city and meet other Shapeways users as well? Contact us and we’ll get you started!
NYC Meetup at 3DEA Pop Up shop
Shapeways is part of the 3DEA Pop Up Shop in New York, located on the corner of 29th st and 6th Ave. There are Ultimaker printers running, a whole bank of computers to play around with 3D modeling and loads of Shapeways community designs and products displayed. Additionally, most evenings play host to a class, lecture or meetup – check out the website for the calendar of events. We had an opening day meetup there, which was great chance to test out the space. Thank you to all who came by!  The next one will be on the 19th of December, stay tuned on for details.
MINECON Impression
We were featured at the livestream during MINECON! Take a peek:
The Gift
Our moderator Michael received an amazing gift. He writes: “Caia Koopman emailed me about a hollow shell of a model. After helping her make it printable, she sent me this lovely print on wood.”
Hot discussions

  • Why not…? – on sharing sales information of objects. Would YOU want us to share your shop’s sales?
  • Already printed model being rejected – on the frustration of having a previously printed model rejected. This is one of the major issues that we’re working on now – as a first step we now have a “Printed Before” flag in our internal systems that should reduce this. Read Natalia’s latest update here.
Upcoming events
  • Dec 12 – Shapeways Live – Our periodic live video show where we’ll inform you of upcoming things, introduce you to new team members and answer all your questions! More information.
  • Jan 11 – Shapeways Tour: Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Meet our team members, check out some of the coolest 3D printed models or just hug our printers (if you can, hah!) from 1.30-3.30pm. More information. Tours in our new facility in Long Island City are in the works as well for early next year- stay tuned!
  • 3DEA Meetup NYC – December 19th, soon to be announced on

That’s it from the Community this week! If you have any suggestions for improvement or future topics, let us know!

Bart, Michael and Natalia 

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