Fast Mercy: Transforms Without Removing Any Parts

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We have seen quite a few cool 3D printed transformer type designs in the Shapeways gallery and featured on the Shapeways Blog.

This figure, Fast Mercy transforms into 2 forms without having any parts removed, and can be displayed in various postures with the flexible joints. The pedestal is not included in this package. It is recommended to purchase “Pedestal Type 01” (sold separately) for nicer display as seen in the photos. The product comes in a form of kit and needs to be assembled by the customer.

What are your favorite 3D Printed transforming objects?

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  1. Lord Dragon Master

    Aw you guys put my sword up there! 😉

    That is so nice! Shapeways has really opened the door to all kinds of transformer goodness. From weapons, accessories, parts and full figures, finally what people dream of creating for their toys can become a reality.

    over at there have to be over half a dozen people always coming up with the next big shapeway transformer!

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