Conversations have never been easier: Mentions are here

Today we are making it easier to have conversations on Shapeways. Now, when your username is @mentioned in a model comment, you will receive a notification. If you @mention someone’s username they will also receive a notification. It’s the best way to have a conversation with a designer or to recommend a product to someone else in the Shapeways community.

You can view your most recent mentions by clicking on the @ notifications icon next to your profile image in the top navigation bar.

Have you come across a product you wish could be customized for you? @mention the designer’s username to start a conversation with them. They will receive a notification about your mention and soon you could have a product designed just for you.

As a Shop Owner, have some of your potential customers had questions? When a customer @mentions your username you will receive a notification and can start the conversation right away.

The notification the shop-owner receives is displayed above.

Navigation Bar with Notifications

The conversation on the product page between the customer and the designer is displayed above.

Found the perfect product for a friend? Let them know by @mentioning their username in a comment. They’ll receive a notification with your recommendation. 

This is only the first step towards a more social experience on Shapeways and there are many more to come. Our goal is to empower our community with the ability to make anything possible – and we believe a big step towards making that happen is improving the ability to communicate with each other. You’ve told us you wanted it to be easier to have conversations on Shapeways and we listened. We’re excited for you to start a conversation; go start one today and tell us about your experience with this new feature in the comments below! 

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