Blog about your Shop

It is great to see Shapeways members blogging about their Shops.

Mackz, has some great photographs of his Gödel Escher Bach model. This model is based on a Pulitzer Prize winning book by Douglas Hofstadter titled Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. If you want to give your mind a serious work out I would recommend it. My brain tends to turn to mush whenever a number is mentioned but the book gave me real insight into some really complex concepts and it is actually funny too. It is about artificial intelligence, learning, meaning and is one of the most intricately well constructed things I’ve ever read. Or you could simply buy the two models, put them on your desk and look wistfully at them from time to time to get chicks.

 Sculptor Dimitrios Fotiou({ D F } on Shapeways) also blogged about his sculpture Pillows. What I love about Pillows is that the sculpture is of pillows, the sculpture is eventually going to be a 1.5m marble statue and now he’s made it in White, Strong & Flexible.      

Image by Fabio, Creative Commons Attribution   

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