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Improving the Ergonomics of Baby Spoons with 3D Printing

As all parents can tell you, spoon feeding a baby is a messy business. Now, the inventors of Spuni are hoping to make it a bit tidier and avoid waste with their ergonomic baby spoon design.

“We observed that most baby spoons were simply miniaturized versions of adult spoons with little regard for the ergonomic needs of an infant. Close observation of feeding habits and waste helped us develop a product that was truly unique in its geometry. Spuni’s patented ‘tulip’ profile triggers the infant to suck food off the spoon, the redesigned shape and depth minimizes regurgitation and waste.”

3D Printed prototypes of the Spuni

3D Printing helped to quickly iterate and test the design with real babies, and now the inventors are launching the final product on Indiegogo for the first manufacturing run.

Best of all, their video gives some nice insight into the design process and has no shortage of cuteness 🙂

Photo Credit: Spuni Via: Techcrunch

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