This has nothing to do with Shapeways but a lot to do with FAIL

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This has nothing what so ever to do with Shapeways, but I clicked on an add for language courses just now. The add took me to the Natively landing page where they clearly and concisely showed me their offering in “world leading language learning software”. Check out the landing page below. 


Which begs the question: Parli corsivo?

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  1. Rob Mack

    Cool!.. Now I know where to go when I’m finally ready to learn Italic;)

  2. Fabian Fricke

    That’s indeed really hilarious but the amount of mails in your inbox is also some interesting thing to look at. ;)
    I just hope the mail I sent you a couple of days back isn’t just buried somewhere in there…

    1. fabian

      I will get back to you first thing tomorrow!


  3. Bart Veldhuizen

    You photoshopped ‘Dutch’ in, didn’t you? ;-)

    1. joris

      lol, and the number of emails in my inbox

  4. Shapeways Blog

    Arno just discovered a contextual ad fail. It is on the Netherlands’ most popular news site The encircled ad is for a trip to Mexico. The article is about the Dutch government telling people not to go to Mexico. The ad is currently still live o

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