WOAH, The Objet 1000 is a BIG Multi Material 3D Printer (VIDEO)

Objet has just launched the massive Objet 1000 3D Printer with a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm build volume, this is 10 times the build volume of the next largest system from the company the Objet Connex500.

So, would you like to do multi material 3D prints or MASSIVE multi material 3D prints? 

Would you 3D Print a bicycle frame at 1:1?

Full Scale 3D Printed Bike

Or perhaps a large snake like object to hold awkwardly?

Awkward 3D Printed Snake Pose

Either way, the Objet 1000 is a huge, high detail acrylic 3D printer.. Can you imagine an increase from our current bounding box of 250x250x200mm for Detail Acrylic?

Giant 3D Printer Objet

Check out the infomercial…

The Objet1000 combines the advanced precision of inkjet-based 3D printing with Objet’s renowned Connex multi-material build capability. Connex technology offers a choice of over 120 materials, with materials that simulate both standard and ABS-grade plastics. In addition, you can print up to 14 materials in a single model to achieve the precise look and feel of your intended end product.

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  1. Koen

    Multi-material printing 😀

    This combined with multiple color dyes would make Shapeways even more awesome 😀

    1. Duann

      Big awesome, that’s the best kind.

    1. Duann

      YEAH, and giant 3D Printed surveillance quadcopters with GoPro Mounts.

  2. mkroeker

    But does it print printers ?

    1. Duann

      It could print the framework assembled, with moving parts and then you could add motors and electronics???
      It would be a very slick RepRap…

  3. Anonymous

    it would be great if Shapeways can add rubber like materials that are water resistant. btw, i wonder 3D printing that F1 car costs same as the real one 😉

    1. Duann

      Waterproof rubber, that would be nice, we will take a look.

  4. Jrey

    I can’t see how I would ever afford to get something printed that large.

    1. Duann

      Unfortunately commercial 3D Printers cannot yet print both plastic and metal at the same time.

      The objet prints variations of acrylic resin with different properties.

  5. ChrisC

    This would be amazing to have. I’d love to be able to print my robot hands in ABS strength plastic with insanely small clearances. Multiple materials would be amazing too.

    Support material must cost a fortune too. Yeesh imagine printing almost a metric ton of material in one go!

    Please have someone give shapeways this as a Christmas present!

  6. Malcolm

    Shapeways has printed with Objet. But turned over to the 3D Systems machines.
    Before the managment went to New York I said to them print with the rubber like material.
    Also the Digital Materials are awesome imagine that Objet could print in full colour or can? (See Neri Oxman)

  7. Shapeways Blog

    As 2012 comes to a close it is time to look forward to 2013 and what exciting new things we can do at Shapeways. One thing we really love is to experiment with 3D printing new materials and post processing. What w

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