3D Printing Industry

Free Worldwide Shipping or 20% Discount on 3D Printing over $75

The Choice is Yours!!!!

We are now offering two options for Black Friday with 20% off of orders over $75 OR Free Worldwide Shipping on orders of any value. 

For 20% off orders of $75 or more, please enter tdzmu at checkout


For free worldwide shipping on orders of any value, enter v9v7r

There is a limit of one use per person on each of the discount codes.

The 20% Discount will be applied to the retail cost but Shapeways shop owners will still be paid full mark-up.

These special offers will be in place until midnight EST so get your orders in today to make the most of our Black Friday specials. 

(Note: If you tried to apply free shipping earlier and had trouble, our sincere apologies! We have reprimanded the robots and the error has been fixed). 

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