Black Friday Finds for Under $25

Make the most of the 20% discount or free shipping this friday with a 3D printed stocking stuffers to blow the minds and with the hearts of family and friends. Take a look at a tiny 3D printed Ryan Gosling for the feminist in your life.

3D Printed Ryan Gosling

Or maybe you want to order a HeatLock iPhone 5 bumper.

HeatLock iPhone 5 Bumper 3D Print Shapeways

You may have seen it before but what better excuse to give infinite bacon to the carnivore in your life.

infinite 3D Printed Bacon Gift Shapeways

Or another kind of flavor explosion with the Fruit Grenade to cleanse the palate after the Mobius Bacon onslaught.3D Printing fruit grenade

There are plenty more gift ideas to be found in the Shapeways Gift Guides but keep in mind that time is limited to get your orders submitted in time to meet the holidays deadline.

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  1. Hannelore

    bother i missed the deadline for free postage

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