Black Friday, Here We Come

Black Friday
is usually the day of shopping nightmares/bargains in the USA, with congested shops full of shoppers sweating anxiety as they jostle to pick up gifts in time for the holiday season.

Shapeways Black Friday

Why line up under harsh fluorescent lighting for a mass produced item (manufactured in an assembly line mirroring your shopping experience) when you can find or design unique gifts 3D printed on demand from the comfort of your own home? (Or computer/laptop/iPhone/iPad/Android/commodore 64/wherever!)

We have made selecting the perfect gift a little easier with our curated gift guides, but we will be sharing a little more 3D printed love leading up to the holidays that may make buying the perfect gift a little le$$ stressful. Time is limited though, so check out the last days to order, especially if you are designing something new that has not been printed before.

Stay tuned, keep an eye on the Shapeways Blog and the Shapeways social media stream of your choice for updates as we enter the gifting season…


  1. Shapeways Blog

    To celebrate the launch of the Shapeways Gift Guide and the impending Black Friday avalanche of traffic to your Shapeways shops this weeks Tag Tuesday is gift. Tag your designs with gift to help people find your designs that are suitable for giving this h

  2. Magic

    Hmmm… As a shop owner, I’d like to prepared… Say I want to lower my markup so that people get 10% off on all my 150+ models. Is there a way of doing that easily?

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