MeshUp: Mashup for Meshes on Kickstarter (Only Hours Left)

MeshUp: Mashup for Meshes has only 55 hours left (at the time of writing) to raise an additional $4,000 for there Kickstarter project to be fully funded. MeshUp by Uformia is a stand alone product can be used to:

1) Mix meshes:

Create new objects by remixing any number of meshes and parts of meshes, or combining meshes with native MeshUp or Symvol models, without having to worry about vertices and polygons

2) Make one or two-side shells and combine it with microstructures

Make a one or two-sided shell volume, then combine it with microstructures to create lightweight yet structural object for 3D printing.  This shelling feature also means that you can convert ANY mesh into a volume – even meshes that do not represent any kind of solid object (a.k.a. polygon soup).

3) Fix STL and mesh files

Repair holes and other defects with your meshes either to prep your model for 3D printing, or to make it easier to convert the mesh into a volume object. Choose between a typical flat repair or the new rounded repair from Uformia, that acts more like smooth putty or clay when fixing a model.

4) Create slices to go directly to 3D printing

Output watertight STL files, or even better take advantage of direct manufacturing by using vector or image slice data at the resolution of the 3D printer. 

For $100 worth of love on Kickstarter you can get yourself a license for MeshUp and one year worth of upgrades. (only 12 left so hurry) or for $5000 you can use their modeling kernel to develop your own app (to plug into the Shapeways API đŸ™‚ and make customizable, mashable, 3D printable awesomeness.

There are some similarities between MeshUp and Mesh Mixer with the organic joining of multiple STLs.

Best of luck to the Uformia team. 

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