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Shop Owner Holiday Tips Series: #4 Personalization & Shapeways Co-Creators

We’re back with the fourth in our series of Shop Owner tips to help you get your shop ready for the holiday season.
Personalization is one of the most popular ways to make a gift special. Not coincidentally, it is one of the greatest things we can do with 3D printing! Luckily, it’s easy too.
If you have a model that can be personalized, you can turn it into a co-creator. Good models that could be personalized include rings, tags, keychains, company logos, business card holders, and iPhone cases. The list is endless!
Making a model into a Co-Creator is easy. On your My Models page, under the description there is a link to make this model a Co-Creator

You will get this pop-up where you can specify what is able to be customized on your model whether it is adding text, adding an image or even changing the size. You also indicate how long it will take you to make these changes once someone has ordered your model.

Best Practice Examples. Kaetemi makes this customizable keychain that can have custom images.

This is the what the customer sees for kaetemi’s model:

Another example is Ovidu Opresco’s ring which is able to be customized with text and for ring size.

For more instructions, see this tutorial page on Co-Creators and consider if any of your models could become co-creators. 

As always, if you have tips or any questions, share them here! 

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