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Don’t Be Sad, Keanu: A Tribute to Keanu Reeve’s 50th Birthday

We only know one Keanu Reeves here at Shapeways and he is perpetually sad. Sad Keanu is one of the longest-running, top-selling, products ever to go viral on Shapeways. Nancy Yi Liang of Mixee Labs brought Sad Keanu to life years ago and his ability to delight and surprise never ceases to amaze us. Today, is Keanu Reeves 50th birthday. Since he’s been responsible for so much joy and fun both internally at our offices, and for the greater Shapie community as a whole, we wanted to throw a VIP birthday party for him. Pup Workshop, Success Kid, Pinky Pie, Woody Allen, RAWR Dinosaur and Grumpy Cat all came out to help Sad Keanu cheer up:

Sad Keanu Party

What Shapeways Stars would you like to see at your next birthday party? Let us know and we just might make it happen… Here’s a vine of the scenes from the party: