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Tag Tuesday: Picks from the 3D Printing Meme Machine

Shapeways now has hundreds of thousands of 3D models just waiting to be 3D printed.  Sometimes it can be a little hard to find exactly what you are looking for (unless you design it for yourself).  Giving your design a descriptive title will help people find your product in both Shapeways and Google search, adding your model to a category is essential to them appearing in the galleries and adding tags makes it easier for people to discover products around a very specific theme.

Shapeways Meme 3D print

To help make it worth your while to head in and tag your products, we are going to feature a new tag every Tuesday, and so, Tag Tuesday is born. This week we are featuring products tagged meme.

Take a look at our Shop Owner tips on getting found in search and tag your designs with relevant terms.

Let us know what tags you think we should feature next week?

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