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Anatomica di Revolutis: The 3D Printing Revolution on Kickstarter

Joshua Harker has just launched Anatomica di Revolutis on Kickstarter, following up on his massively successful Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to You project that used Shapeways 3D printing to realize his art.

My latest work entitled “Anatomica di Revolutis” is in honor of the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution. My art has been inspired, enabled, & defined by it. The resources & networks of the revolution are my tools, medium, & art gallery. I’m here to present my art within the context of how & why I make it, not on a shelf or wall in a gallery, but within the current landscape of the public psyche & part of a larger event.

ANATOMICA DI REVOLUTIS: Representing the project is a 3-piece sculpture entitled “Anatomica di Revolutis” (loosely intended to mean “Anatomy of the Revolution”). Each component is designed to assemble together to present a larger narrative about the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution. The fully assembled sculpture features all 3 pieces & symbolizes liberty & prosperity through an empowered participatory populace. It is designed to hang on a wall or other vertical surface.

Shapeways 3D Printed Sculpture Skull

 Good luck to Joshua on his latest Kickstarter project…. Join the revolution.

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