3D printed remote controlled helicopter

Shapeways member buho29
printed out parts for a tiny remote controlled helicopter on Shapeways.
The parts cost $25 and there were some issues with one of the
connection points, balance and with the model getting dirty from oil.
But, he 3D printed a helicopter! Of course he still had to do the assembly, and will need some more R&D to get it just right and
added off the shelf parts to his design. But..he 3D printed a
helicopter. I for one can not wait what the next versions will look like! You can check out the movie of it flying below. 

Game heli 4#3
Geüpload door buho29


  1. Ramon Janssen

    Thats awesome!
    I was thinking of putting the servo’s from my remote big helicopter into a dragracer that i’m gonna print :D

    You guys are so awesome.. ^^

  2. joris


    if you do do that we’d love to see it!


  3. Shapeways Blog

    Rose Keeper is just an incredible stainless steel 3D printed model by Mani Zamani. It was made by using Shapeways together with Revoltech joints. The model is unique and by using the standard joints good movement is added to the model at little cost. 

  4. Grayson Hobby (graysonhobby)

    That’s really amazing! In practical sense I like RC helicopters and made up of high-quality material that last longer and give worthy response to whatever the situation is; I am a loyal customer of Grayson Hobby and purchased more than 5 hobby products from their online store.

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