How to Submit Your 3D Prints to Sell with SuperFanArt

Submission are now open for you to submit your 3D prints to sell with SuperFanArt, the Shapeways and Hasbro collaboration to enable fans to make and sell designs based on Hasbro licensed brands.

Submit your 3D prints to Superfanart on SHapeways

As mentioned previously, SuperFanArt is now accepting anyone to submit their 3D printed designs based on Hasbro owned IP including:

  • Dragonvale
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • G.I. Joe
  • Monopoly
  • My Little Pony
  • Scrabble (to be sold in US and Canada only)
  • Transformers

Full details and instructions for both new designers, and existing designs can be found on the Shapeways SuperFanArt page.

Most importantly, when you submit your design, please be sure to include the tag SuperFanArt so that we can find and include your submission.  For inspiration, take a look at some of the submissions that we have received so far.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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  1. Michael Adams

    If we are in the full color plastic program/pilot or whatever it is…can we submit designs using that material as super fan art sculpts?

    1. Duann Post author

      Hey Michael,

      We do not know when we will make full color plastic available to purchase, it is currently for BETA users only, it may or may not evolve to a Maker Material, then maybe available to purchase by shoppers.

      So, I think you should stick to our existing material palette for now.


  2. James William Kincaid

    I have two questions.
    “Whether you are a new artist or a current artist, Hasbro and Shapeways will review your submission. If it meets our acceptability requirements and is printable, we will let you know that you can now offer it for sale on both Shapeways and SuperFanArt later this year when we expand these available brands for sale.”

    What are the acceptability requirements? Shouldn’t we know about these requirements before spending effort designing and 3D modeling a new Hasbro related product?

    Second question. How mandatory is it that we 3D print our submissions and take pictures? Wouldn’t renderings suffice to get the concept across and then move on to 3D printing and photography once the rudimentary concept was approved? Besides, the lead time for 3D printing is too long to 3D print anything and take pictures before September 9th.

  3. Duann Post author

    Hey James,

    Fair questions, as for acceptable, everyone who registers a single design with the tag SuperFanArt will be contacted with an artist agreement that will list out a guideline of what is acceptable across all of the brands. If you think of each particular brand and aim on the conservative side a little your designs should be fine. So, no Ponies with guns, no Transformers with Mcdonalds Trademarks, no hate speech or overtly sexual content. Keep it niceish.

    As far as printing, we do want to make sure each design is printable, and the best way to really know for sure is to print it. We do know that items with photos sell better than renders so it is always better to print, photograph to be sure we do not disappoint customers. We may consider unprinted designs, but previously 3D printed designs will be more readily accepted.

    We know this is not the smoothest process and are working to make it easier for designers and our teams. This is a fairly complex process with many people at Shapeways and Hasbro involved, all working hard to make this opportunity a viable business model that could pave the way for how brands deal with IP and fan generated products. We will continue to refine this process to make it easier for you the designer/artist, and we hope to expand this with even more brands over time.

    Thanks for your interest and questions. Please do feel free to ask more here on the blog.

  4. James William Kincaid

    Thanks Duann, those answers have helped me see further into this. If I think Of anything else I’ll be sure to ask. :)

  5. Chris Yingling

    What about Micronauts? Will you offer Artist Agreements on that line? Thank you.

    1. Drashi Khendup

      Whoa, Hasbro owns Micronauts now?

      (Runs Google search)

      Hmm… Interesting, but I also see they haven’t done anything with it since they got the license over 4 years ago.

      In any case, lists the brands Hasbro wants people to use, which includes Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Dungeons & Dragons (three of my favorites!). I’d say stick with the list and you’ll be golden.

      Besides, when this deal between Hasbro and Shapeways was first announced, My Little Pony was the only brand allowed. Now that they’ve opened it up a little more, they’re probably waiting to see what happens before allowing more stuff. Custom board game pieces alone might keep people busy (imagine custom Battleship vessels, Risk pieces, Candyland tokens… !).

  6. CS1

    Are these only for figures? What about things like jewelry and the like designed around these licensed brands?
    Also…are all materials acceptable?

    1. Duann

      Yes. Anything, jewelry, iPhone case, glasses, home wares, prosthetics, anything.

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