Shapeways Loves Minecon

This weekend, Shapeways is at the heart of the Minecraft community at MINECON 2012 in Paris! While we’re bringing all kinds of cool 3D printed models (check them out here), the best way to experience 3D printing with Minecraft is of course to have your own models 3D printed.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds – you can use a webshop called Minetoys to get your avatar 3D printed. If you have designed a model yourself, you can use Mineways to export it to Shapeways. This guide explains how. 

Minetoys – Put your Minecraft skin on a real Toy!

Just enter your Minecraft username and select the size of your model: either get one for $20 or $50. Get a $5 discount by using this discount code on Minetoys.com: MINECON2012.


Mineways is a free Windows program by Eric Haines. You just load your Minecraft map and select the part that you want to print. Mineways will export it and remove any unnecessary material to make it cheaper (jay!). After that, you just upload the file to Shapeways. If you can model something in Minecraft, you can now 3D print it with Shapeways. 

Full Colour Sandstone

Minecraft models are best printed in our ‘Full Color Sandstone‘. This is a gypsum printable with color textures on the model

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